Increase customer engagement,
efficiencies & profits with
Connex One

Connex One Omnichannel SaaS

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Increase customer engagement,
efficiencies & profits with Connex One

Drive customer experience, boost revenue, and minimise costs with our customer-centric call center software

Discover how Connex One can improve KPIs in days:

Convert more opportunities more efficiently
Innovate your customer/agent journeys
100% Up time
Full suite access: no solutions held back
Fully ISO accredited & GDPR compliant
Extremely competitive prices with no setup costs
Seamlessly scale from 10 - 10,000 agents & beyond: with no contracts

Clients innovating their business with Connex One

Cloud based contact center software
build for customer centric teams

True Omnichannel

Never miss another client or prospective customer interaction across the social and engagement platforms that matter


With over 70+ reports Connex One can quantify down to the smallest details areas for business growth, optimisation and profit improvements


From data capture through to AI recommended work flows, Connex One can dramatically improve existing productivity levels through automation

Next Gen Auto dialer

With machine learning AI built in Connex One's dialer ensures the most efficient dialer experience to drastically increase KPIs

Voice Analytics

Discover the power of Athena AI and super charge your agents performance directly within the Connex One platform

Seamless Integrations

Our Omnichannel platform connects into 50+ leading business software solutions so you can effortlessly integrate you existing systems direct into Connex One

Make the most of every customer interaction

Combine all your communications with our omnichannel tool suite

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to delight, solve a problem or create a new sale, the Connex One all-in-one CXM platform significantly increases performance in these areas at scale.

Discover the power of Athena

Seamlesley integrate AI automation

From voice sentiment analysis to AI led user journey management and more discover the impact that Athena AI could make to your business growth.

Drive conversions & resolution management
with Connex One

Transform your client engagement

True Omnichannel

Connect all of your social, web & engagement channels & never miss another sales opportunity again


Power change in your business with our propriety AI system across analytics, sales & engagement +more

Sales AI

Improve interactions with customer preferencing across your sales processes and user journeys with machine learning


With 70+ reports drill down into every aspect of your business's sales & engagement KPIs to drive performance like never before


From CRM's to 3rd party tools Connex One can integrate seamlessly into 50+ and growing leading software solutions

Extremely Secure

With complete visibility on penetration testing and system security available Connex One has a 100% hack proof history

What our clients
say about
Connex One

Connex have an operational team that understands our business, we've seen a 25% uplift across our outbound activities compared with the other systems we've tried.
Derek Warner
CEO (synergy)
The capability of the system to do even more than we needed meant we could improve our business inline with Connex One's functionality.
Emma Stewart
Head of Service
Easy to use and a great service. This omnichannel system is set out clearly, stable and well organised which is why it is our chosen method to engage with our customers.
Claire Donnelly Proctor
Call center Manager
Connex One are the most innovative platform provider I have encountered and feel that they will continue to go from strength to strength in the future leading the way in contact center solutions.
Harry Laud
Operations Manager (Everest)
If you are looking for a solution that will improve your contact center then look no further. It's such a great solution, I wish we found it sooner.
Liam West
IT & Systems Manager (Home Sheild Direct)

Integrate seamlessly with 50+ business solutions